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trUSt with Nightingale Vocal Ensemble

I have joined Nightingale Vocal Ensemble for this special virtual concert, trUSt. Join us for the virtual premiere which will be stream on April 10, 2021 at 8:00 pm eastern. The performance will be available online for viewing on Nightingale Vocal Ensemble's YouTube channel.

About this program:

Trust - it is difficult to earn, and easily broken. Building trust with our neighbors, despite our differences, is no simple feat - especially now. We hope that through the experience of this concert, we can begin to find ways to “go and open the least there will be a draft.”

trUSt is a collaboration with Utah-based composer Andrew Maxfield and SALT Contemporary Dance. The concert features Maxfield’s compositions encouraging the bringing together of people, as well as newly composed pieces featuring the words of Nightingale members and their own thoughts on trust. Interspersed between the music are clips of a conversation about the science of trust, between Andrew Maxfield, James Coan (Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Virginia), and Hal Movius (Applied Psychologist, Author, and Research Collaborator at Ethical Systems).

A note from the composer:

“Despite the news, humans are better at trusting one another than any other species. That has been our evolutionary superpower, and can be our future too. We've collaborated on a concert that explores the theme of trust—what it is, what it feels like, perhaps how to create or rebuild it when it has been lost. The message of the concert is: begin the song exactly where you are. You and I have to put the "us" in "trust," and the only place to start is right here, right now. I'm so excited to work with Nightingale on this very collaborative and multidisciplinary concert.”


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