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VOICES 21C: Spotlight Choir at ACDA East

VOICES 21C was invited to present a special program and presentation as a Spotlight Choir for the American Choral Director's Association Eastern Division Conference in Boston!

This weekend we shared space at ACDA East with Eric Anderson from the Transformational Prison Project TPP. We were glad to be able to offer this session amidst an incredible conference of presenters and choirs!

VOICES 21C strives to create a space in rehearsal and performance that engages participants to ponder a just and equitable future. Our process, using the Empowering Song approach, is built to create intentional choral practice that brings our audience into a space where they feel called to action. In our session members will discuss and demonstrate processes for incorporating improvisation, creative play, community-building, visual storytelling, and narrative-based programming into choral practice. Our session models activities for attendees to engage beyond the session. The session will be interwoven with experiential moments led by the ensemble throughout. Building on previous work, VOICES 21C will be collaborating with formerly incarcerated poet and activist, Eric Anderson from Boston’s Transformational Prison Project.

VOICES 21C is an artists’ collective that is devoted to exercising the choral art in pursuit of human rights and justice and dedicated to a mission of global understanding through music. VOICES 21C works through connecting musical messages to social justice issues in the US and abroad, representing the voices of the silenced, the forgotten, and the marginalized. We explore improvisational and interdisciplinary modes of performance through a co-creative process. We craft long-form and cohesive narratives, blending the choral art with imaginative and innovative practices, borrowing from kinesthetic art and theatre and utilizing an egalitarian consensus model.

If you didn't catch us, you can pickup a lot of material through our website as well as pose any questions or feedback. You can also learn about our presentation and all the resources that we use to create it at


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