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World Muslim Choral Ensemble

This summer, I traveled to Sri Lanka to participate as a member of the World Muslim Choral Ensemble!

I was truly honored to participate in the inaugural World Muslim Choral Ensemble Festival this past July. This one-week music residency brought together singers and instrumentalists from across the globe to facilitate cultural exchange, celebrate the diversity of Islamic choral traditions, and articulate the vision of the MCE, “to communicate the creative power of our project by taking it beyond borders, breaking the barriers of silence to unite and to raise awareness as one global family, and to respect and honor the interconnectivity and sanctity of all life without discrimination.”

I joined 9 other international singers and instrumentalists from Pakistan, Iran, Kashmir, India, Dubai, and the United States to gather alongside the beautiful and incredibly welcoming warm and generous members of Muslim Choral Ensemble of Sri Lanka.

The World Muslim Choral Ensemble invites Muslims and non-Muslims to breathe new life and interest into Islamic choral traditions, encouraging developing choral talent with a passion for music and peace-building, which transcends borders to encourage cross-cultural collaboration worldwide.

The opportunity to gather alongside these beautiful musicians was an incredible experience and I am thrilled to be working with VOICES 21C to bring our whole ensemble to Sri Lanka next summer to join in the magic for a second time!

You can see and read more about the festival experience and final concert through these links:


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